Monday, January 9, 2017

Factors that Contribute to Weight Loss

Many people struggle to understand the factors that go into weight management and therefore suffer with being either over and underweight as a result. Learning about what factors go into your weight will help you to better manage it.

Your Genetic History

Your genetic makeup will contribute to your health and wellbeing including your weight. While you cannot do anything about your genetic makeup, learning about your genetic tendancies will help you to be able to adjust your lifestyle as needed to better manage your weight. For example, if you are a risk for diabetes due to your genetic history than being in shape is of paramount importance. If you have a genetic tendency towards a sweet tooth then avoiding sweets or managing them makes a lot of sense. While it can be challenging to understand your genetic tendancies, one option out there is DNA testing. DNA testing for weight loss and other health issues can identify your genetic tendancies and provide you with a better idea of how to adjust your lifestyle. A DNA test is easy to have done and can be done with a sample of saliva or blood.

Your Lifestyle and Environment 

Your genetic history is only one factor that goes into your weight. When you perform dna testing for weight loss no factors may be identified as a red flag, but you may be overweight due to an sedentary lifestyle that involves an unbalanced diet. Pay attention to what you eat as well as how much you consume and try to stay within the recommended doses for proper weight management and weight loss. When trying to lose weight you will need to further reduce your calorie consumption and getting assistance from a trained dietitian or personal trainer can be a real eye opener on how to effectively do so.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

DNA Testing and Weight Loss

A person’s health is the first thing that they will always take care of before anything else. Most of the diseases are always associated with one being overweight. As a result of this many people are always looking for the best hospitals with specialists who can help lose the excess weight they have. This firm has been in the medical field for a long duration and is therefore a trusted dealer with matter relating to health. The company has medical experts who have the knowledge and skills on how one can best lose weight without having any negative side effects. These are doctors who have helped a large number of clients who had the same problems.

One of the ways that the company uses to help people lose weight is the use of exercises that are done on a daily basis. This is always done together with a given type of diet that can enable the people with excess weight to lose fats very fast. Many people do not like this method because it takes a long duration before they can effectively lose the weight. Another way that the firm uses is the use of pills which are faster than the use of exercises. The main disadvantage that this method has is that it is quite expensive compared to the other methods.

Apart from offering weight loss services to their clients, the company also takes part in DNA testing. There are many families that always have problems about the DNA of the children they have. This happens when the father of the children does not really believe that they children are his. This company carries out such tests to remove such fears by determining the real father of the child. This is very effective process that is carried out by experts in the company. Read more information about dna testing for weight loss come visit us at


Thursday, October 6, 2016

A New Method for Achieving Success with Weight Loss

In an effort to help people live healthier lives, scientific researchers constantly working to discover new methods for weight loss. It was recently discovered that the technology used to achieve a breakthrough in the coding of DNA has now been put to use in the field of weight loss. People who have struggled for years trying to lose weight could now get an analysis of their DNA to help them succeed in their weight loss efforts. The DNA testing for weight loss is used to determine a person's genetic makeup. That genetic makeup could then be used to create a more viable diet plan.

 Weight Management and Genes

Some people who struggle with losing weight have attributed it to their genes. This was usually because they came from a family of people who were overweight, but research has now shown that this might be more accurate than what most people think. While someone might not have the same DNA code as their relatives, their unique DNA signature can tell researchers a lot about how their body processes certain types of foods. This is a huge breakthrough for people who diet and never seem to lose weight. Success could be obtained when the foods match what the body is capable of processing.

 Health and Wellness

The dna testing for weight loss does not stop at what foods the body can process. It is also used to assess the overall health and wellness of a person. A sample of someone's DNA could be used to see how well the neurotransmitters in the body and brain work together. It could also provide information about how the body uses its muscles to burn off the food consumed as fuel. This allows researchers to create a more tailored fitness plan to boost the effects of following a better diet.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

DNA Testing for Weight Loss Helps the Process

Nothing is more frustrating that trying to lose weight and never seeing the numbers on the scale drop. Looking in the mirror after working extremely hard to shed pounds and seeing no change has the potential to seriously and utterly depress a formerly dedicated dieter. Sometimes, there may be things at work that are undermining the ability to shed weight. Genetics play a role in whether or not someone can get a particular look. Don't take this as a negative though. With DNA testing for fitness, a decision can be made to go into a specific direction to gain better results.

What DNA Testing Reveals

DNA testing related to fitness could reveal facts about how the body chooses to metabolize calories. The results of the testing may suggest that the body's metabolism is incredibly slow. As such, hitting stored fat is extremely difficult. Again, do not feel bad about learning such information. Instead, allow the information to act as a motivator to do the right thing. Perhaps even tell an expert about the results.

Working with a Trainer

Upon telling a personal trainer that DNA testing reveals a slow metabolism, the trainer could come up with a workout program intended to get at that stubborn fat. Slowly building a client's endurance up to handle high intensity interval training (HIIT) would be one approach. During the cardio-boosting process, strength training with compound exercises could be done. This way, the body is burning calories at night while repairing muscle. Cutting back on carbs after 3PM may be suggested.

Parting Thoughts

All of these hypothetical suggestions would rooted in an informed decision made after learning about what the DNA tests revealed. Without the performance of the testing, the trainer would be in the dark somewhat making effective results elusive. Learn more about dna testing for weight loss come visit us at